👋 I’m Andrew

Let’s get in touch: andrew@aschwartz.me or schwartzadev on GitHub.

Latest News

April, 2021

I'm joining Batch, a seed stage startup, to work on super fast product re-ordering infrastructure.

March, 2021

The COVID Tracking Project is wrapping up and I'm transitioning to another part-time gig.

January, 2021

August, 2020

I am joining Professor Robin Burke and That Recommender Systems Lab to assist with research on multistakeholder recommender systems and concepts of fairness within recommender systems.

May, 2020

I will be joining The COVID Tracking Project as a Software Engineer on the website team for the forseeable future.

April, 2020

I'll be attending the University of Colorado, Boulder in the fall of 2020, majoring in Information Science.

March, 2020